Monday, 23 November 2009


So things are starting to warm up nicely for next years Warriors team series. All the cities are slowly pulling the best of the best together, and building monster teams!

London and Glasgow dropped their first heats on Friday to search for fresh faces, six artists came down and jammed in front of vibing crowd.

All the artists came with a different plan and approach, with Dr Rock stealing the show with a very intricate approach to Secret Wars.

On the night no one goes through as we are planning heat 2 to give even more artists a chance to shine - once this next event is out of the way, we will then decide who the best 3 artists were over the 2 heats... They will then join up with the pre selected 3 artists (Alfa, Mr K and DiscoTeck) forming TEAM LONDON!

DR Rock in action

Hey is that me? ;)

Some portrait shots from the Monorex / Jaysus booth!

Jimi Crayon

Suffoca and friend

Jo and Gabs

Dr Rock

Mr Gauky in his natural pose!

The legend Stika

See you all at Heat 2 on the 18th December @ The Book Club!

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