Friday, 28 November 2008


Yo for all those who want to come along to tomorrows Q Final - Please email QFINALS@MONOREX.COM with full names.

We will then email you directions and details


Sunday, 9 November 2008

Elfin vs. Tizer - The Report


A Secret Wars Halloween special....Thanks to all those that turned up in fancy dress!

On another busy night in Juno bar, Elfin and Tizer both brought a good battle plan to the stage. With the crowd in some funny and very ghoulish outfits we were ready to kick off another classic battle in the story of Secret Wars.

Over the 90 mins the two artists seem to work at a similar pace, with both choosing to drop the main characters first and hold back the punchline till the last 5 mins.. A classic and effective plan for a Secret Wars!

In the end there had to be ONE WINNER, first up to vote was Paul from eco studios - he voted for Tizer. So 1-0 Tizer!

Next up was the crowd vote, after both sides had the chance to shout we were faced with a very rare draw on the decibel reader...? so we had to go again! After a re-shout Elfin ended up grabbing the point. So 1-1!

Then for the final deciding vote came in the form of our resident and very experienced when it comes to knowing what's best in a Secret Wars arena...

After a great speech, Session explained to the crowd his feelings and thought pattern...He then kept the crowd in suspense as he wrote on the back of the edding white board!

He flipped the board towards the crowd - and the vote went TIZER's way! 2-1 to Tizer..

Big up to both artists as they put in a great show
We also gave away some of the new Secret Wars Tee's (Foil fresh)!!! Lucky winner below....

Below is the finished wall

Pictures by Phil Gabriel