Monday, 29 September 2008


We were invited by our friends at Designers Block to get involve and design a Selfridges window...There were 9 other artists/collectives involved from many different artistic backgrounds involved - check here for other windows -

Jimi Crayon, Mr K and Stika created this window in one LONG night (drinking only Rockstar)....We started at 9pm and finished at 6am!

It was a roller coaster day, we got clamped at Currys in the day while buying a TV from the store...We then got pulled over by the police at 6am for driving down Oxford st illegally?? When the policeman asked me what we were upto - I stupidly said "Morning officer, we have just done a job at Selfridges". It sounded like we had just done a robbery as we were in a rented transit and i had another guy in the back! So he asked me to step out the van and answer some questions.....

Long day and long night....But we got there in the end!

The finished masterpiece

Thanks to edding UK for sponsoring and Rory and Piers for getting us involved in the first place..

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hicks vs. Conzo - Report!

Another "Battle Royale" - Probably the closest contest I have seen in a good while...Both guys came with a plan and both rocked the crowds with some super slick freestyle visuals...Conzo decided to draw more of a battle orientated piece while Hicks went for beautiful lines using only a brush all night!!

Conzo flew down from GLASGOW but was far from jet lagged - he fought to the end like any scottish braveheart would only know how..

Hicks walked into Juno suited and booted looking like Jude Law, this got all the ladies talking...oh and shouting "we love you Hicks"

After the 90 mins bell had rang there was a tough decision to make, who would go through to the Q finals?

Judge 1 - Hicks
Crowd - Hicks
Judge 2 - Hicks

Hicks surprisingly won by a clean sweep "white wash" - He stepped upto the mic to say a little thank you to Conzo but was slightly wasted and could hardly talk!

All in all this battle has set a new benchmark in quality for any Secret Wars duel...Take Note!

Next up the defending champion Wen goes head to head with newcomer Mr Penfold

Jumbo & Chent

Hicks wall:

Conzo wall:

Friday, 19 September 2008

Jumbo (Australia) vs. Chent (France) - Report!

Saturday 6th September @ Juno - 1st round battle!

Jumbo vs. Chent

Result = 1-2

A last minute line up as Hicks pulled out due to being stuck in San Francisco @ the Burning Man festival. So with a day to go before the edding pens were drawn we needed to phone around and find a worthy opponent for Chent to go up against.

In the end after 14 or so calls we found the 8ft Australian giant they call "Jumbo"...(The photo below was Jumbo finished piece).

Chent went on to win the battle with a minimal approach - strong character with a simple punchline! Where as Jumbo took the Kieth Harring approach creating a swirly abstract design.

More photos to follow:

Monday, 15 September 2008

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