Thursday, 23 October 2008

Drunk Park vs. Jason Atomic - Report!

Last Saturday saw Drunk Park go head to head with Jason Atomic, both newbies to the Secret Wars tournament...But that lack of experience did not hinder them on the night as both artists "drew" blood at every possible attempt!

Jason planning his battle moves below

Drunk Park going BIG very quickly

After a nervous start from Drunk Park drawing the SW logo on the centre of the wall (mispelling Secret Wars), this burly guy from Tazmania gave it his all! The hype was only increased when the organisers and host (Jimi Crayon) found out his was also his birthday, hence there being 30 odd fellow Tazmanian devils in the crowd...These guys toar the roof off with their vocal support!
Jason showing people "How to mount a ladder"

None of this effected the underdog and the vastly talented Jason Atomic who brought a very refreshing style to SW..He basically kept turning to the crowd and was picking out certain people and then drew their portrait on the wall.
After a tense but fun 90 mins we had to find a winner - Judges on the night were Taka (Matsuri) & Tan (RT crew)...
Jimi and Jason (who painted his face aswell as the wall)

Reeps 1 in action and on sizzling form

Result - 3-0 Drunk Park
This did not reflect the efforts both artists put in as I feel Jason deserved a point but there was no way he would win the vocal vote with half of Tazmania in the house!

But we have a new challenger in the form of Drunk Park, this would be my suprise tip for a place in the finals...?? watch this space!

Drunk Park
Jason Atomic

Big up to Session and Reeps for another excellent music selection!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Wen vs. Mr Penfold - Wen wins 3 - 0! - Report!

The Champ is back! ....The Champ is back!

Wen is back after his win in the very controversial but very entertaining Series 2 London Final!

With a small make over and a new pair of gloss black glasses this guy is pumped full of new battle ideas - And like any true champion decided to only try at 60% energy levels on a night full of cocks!

Wen went up against Mr Penfold who is Secret Wars fresh blood - Both artists have an amazing portfolio and a kick ass style but on the night "there can only be one" as Higlander would put it!

Wen in deep thought...

The crowds were revved up on the night - probably the busiest 1st round night yet!

Mr Penfold stating who's cock is bigger!

Mr Penfold's time machine

Wen's World!

Avue casting his vote

After a tough and very exhausting night for both artists - Wen won all 3 points, winning over both judges and the crowd....

There are two more battles left in the 1st round heats, and they only get better and better! For all that missed this one, be sure to get down for the next one on the 18th October...

Judges on the night:

Piers (Designers Block)
Avue (Daydream Network)

Photos by Mike Stenhouse -