Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Ryan Frank free-range furniture designer prepares for battle with international art

group - Secret Wars.

Ryan’s latest project the ‘Shoreditch Shelf’

becomes a battle field for premier art group

SecretWars x Ryan Frank

For the first time ever this live art battle will take place directly on to a Shoreditch Shelf in the Bricklane Gallery on Thursday the 24th at 3pm.

Artists involved: Stika, Inkie, Alfa and Moose and Yeti

Friday the 25th the Secret Wars posse take their markers and might to the courtyard of 93 Feet East, where they will step onto a purpose built stage and commence another head to head bout of illustrating. ‘six artists, six boards, 60 minutes’

The completed boards will be put to the public vote and the winning two will be made into a Shoreditch Shelf.

The shelf and the remaining boards will be displayed and auctioned by the Bricklane Gallery, with a follow up exhibition.

A completed Shoreditch Shelf and ‘Spruce’, Ryan’s new range of stackable stool will also be on display and in use during the 3 day event.

Origins of The Hackney Shelf

The now iconic Hackney Shelf originated when large white boards were installed at graffiti ‘hot-spots’ around East London. The concept is to present a blank canvas to the public. These blank canvases attracted a variety of random graf and sporadic stenciling, once covered in graffiti they were removed and transformed into mobile shelving units, bringing the street indoors.

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