Friday, 13 March 2009


Things got messy last week down at Village Underground! In a Secret Wars special in collaboration with Havana club and edding UK - Monorex took on Innercity collective on the biggest Secret Wars wall ever built (40ft wide by 16ft high)!

The Monorex team was made up of Stika, Teck, Jimi Crayon, Mr K and Alfa - They came with a loose plan in mind, easiest way to explain would be to say they drew a Cuban party in a old skool Cadillac.

Not only was this event the biggest wall on record but the guys at Secret Wars hq also allowed a small amount of colour to help express the Cuban vibes! Probably never to be seen again at any Secret Wars event....

For all those that were lucky enough to get in and sip on free Havana cocktails (big up), and a HUGE sorry to those peeps that did not get in (RSVP AND GET THERE SOONER NEXT TIME).

Thanks to everyone that helped out and a massive thanks to WIGHT PRESERVATION for building the wall.

Big up to Havana for backing this crazy concept and edding uk for supplying us our battle markers!

Photos by Philip Gabriel -

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