Friday, 19 September 2008

Jumbo (Australia) vs. Chent (France) - Report!

Saturday 6th September @ Juno - 1st round battle!

Jumbo vs. Chent

Result = 1-2

A last minute line up as Hicks pulled out due to being stuck in San Francisco @ the Burning Man festival. So with a day to go before the edding pens were drawn we needed to phone around and find a worthy opponent for Chent to go up against.

In the end after 14 or so calls we found the 8ft Australian giant they call "Jumbo"...(The photo below was Jumbo finished piece).

Chent went on to win the battle with a minimal approach - strong character with a simple punchline! Where as Jumbo took the Kieth Harring approach creating a swirly abstract design.

More photos to follow:

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